CuraTec Nordic supplies a wide range of products to the veterinary sector in the Nordic countries. The products range from consumer goods such as gloves and disinfectants. Including our Miele disinfection machine.

We also supply our X-ray equipment and Mobile X-ray as well as radiation protection equipment from one of the world's largest manufacturer of X-ray equipment.

All of our products are the best quality in the market and from global manufacturers that meet all international ISO standards and quality.

Veterinær fysioterapi

Polyter Vet

From the experience gained in the field of traditional physiotherapy and rehabilitation, EME presents Polyter Vet, first portable and modular veterinary physiotherapy device.

Polyter Vet is the ideal solution both for veterinary clinics with many workstations and for veterinarians who practice home therapies. 

Veterinær fysioterapi

Polyter Vet

Lightweight, compact and resistant, Polyter Vet is ideal to treat muscular skeleton pathologies in animals such as dogs, cats and horses.

As for the human one, veterinary physiotherapy acts on the recovery of motor function, on the prevention of the chronicization of particular pathologies and on the post-trauma and post-surgery recovery improving the quality of life of our beloved animals.

Polyter Vet is ideal to treat:

Acute traumatic pathology
Acute inflammatory pathology
Sub-acute pathology
Chronic pathology


Module Electrotherapy

  • 2 indipendent output
  • 25 low and medium frequency wave forms, Iono, Tens
  • Synchronous functioning of the two output channels
  • Functioning: Constant voltage, constant current
  • Checking of electrodes (electrodes test)
  • Open circuit alarm

Module High Power

  • Wavelength 980 nm
  • Maximum power 4 W
  • Frequency from 100 Hz to 10 000 Hz
  • Continuous or pulsed emission mode
  • Defocused laser probe with optical fibre
  • 3 poles interlock
  • Laser safety goggles

Module Low Power

  • Wavelength 905 nm
  • Frequency: 200 Hz to 10,000 Hz
  • Included probe ML1/25
  • Automatic measurement of the fluence
  • Generator with the possibility to pilot probes with single or multiple diodes
  • Automatic recognition of the probe
  • Contact detector and real time
  • Interlock
  • Laser safety goggles

Module Tecar

  • Capacitive/resistive mode
  • Power up to 200 W
  • Operating mode: Athermy, Endodiathermy, Diathermy

Module Ultrasound

  • One channel
  • Multifrequency probe 1/3 Mhz with integrated contact detector
  • Continuous and pulsed operating mode
  • Automatic recognition of the probe

Module Magnetherapy

  • 1 channel
  • Power up to 100 Gauss
  • Frequency up to 100 Hz
  • Continuous and pulsed operating mode (Duty Cycle)

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