TOUCH  is the basic level for everyday wear, leisure, and light sports activities. It symbolizes bear’s comfort in the great outdoors.

ADAPT  is the intermediary level for tougher challenges and sports pursuits. It symbolizes bear’s natural capability to adapt to changing outdoor  conditions

SHIELD is the advanced level for extreme outdoor challenges and ultimate sports performance. It symbolizes bear’s extraordinary protection against the most demanding conditions.

12426 - BRBL HIMALAYA. Shield

The best socks are the ones you don’t notice. They do their job even in the harshest conditions and you don’t have to pay any attention to your feet.

Himalaya socks are made with extreme challenges in mind. Their bear hug ensures your exploits won’t be disturbed by thoughts about blisters or cold feet. They help you stay perfectly focused on every step you take.

Himalaya were developed with the help of some of the toughest backcountry skiers and mountaineers.

They provide moisture management, improved microcirculation, better oxygenation, heat retention, UV-A and UV-B protection and reinforced areas that enhance the endurance and performance of your feet.

Art. No. 12426.  Price: 21,00 €

14276 - BRBL GRIZZLY 2. Shield

Stubborn socks for determined hikers. Once you put them on, they don’t move or wrinkle until the end of your hike.

They hold on to your feet like a grizzly - protecting them, warming them and keeping them dry. No matter the conditions and even if they’re wet.

After a whole day of hiking, they’ll still be right where you’ve put them. These really are tough socks for tough hikers.

Art. No. 14276.  Price: 12,50 €

14278 - BRBL KODIAK 2. Adapt. New

What happens when a Kodiak bear meets a sheep in the forest? Well, we don’t know, but it results in Kodiak socks.

Just the right temperature, just the right fit, and protection in just the right places. These socks help you overcome most outdoor challenges without any feet trouble.

Art. No. 14278.  Price: 11,00 €

14272 - BRBL URSO 2. Adapt

Do you hear the call of the mountains? Let’s put Urso on and get going!

These socks will keep your feet fresh all the way until the top and back.

Their special structure makes Urso feel as if they were tailored for you.

Crucial parts of your feet are well protected, and the socks don’t wrinkle or cause blisters. These are for people who are up-and-hiking while most of the folks are still sleeping.

Art. No. 14272.  Price: 12,00 €

09449 - BRBL BERWYN. Adapt

One day, I’m going to be a real hiker! Why wait?

Berwyn socks transform your kids into proper little hikers. They’ll be happy to tramp around even in the middle of winter and their feet will warm, dry and comfortable in a Berwyn hug.

These socks offer almost everything an adult technical sock brings to the table. Don’t let the cold interfere with your family activities ever again.

Art. No. 09449  Price: 7,50 €


14269 - BRBL BJORN 2. Touch. New

You go for an easy hike every now and then and don’t really need advanced technical socks.

Bjorn are basic trekking socks that do three things and they do them well.

They keep your feet always fresh, they are cushioned and they are very comfortable. Enough to make your hike or weekend trip pleasant.

You know what they say, sometimes less is more.

Art. No. 14269.  Price: 7,00 €


14269 - BRBL BJORN 2. Touch

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