Thumb splint.

Art. No. ORSPK.

With a mouldable structure this splint provides integral stabilisation, it is made of aluminium with breathable material and additional thumb joint immobilisation plus a Velcro fastening.

For both sides.

Size: S / M / L /  XL

Colour: Black.


Thumb brace.

Art. No. OR109

Plastic thumb brace made from mouldble aluminium with reinforcement for better thumb stabilisation.

For both sides..

Size: S - L.

Colour: Grey.

Thumb splint.

Art. N. OR10AIK

To immobilise the thumb saddle joint using two muouldable aluminium rails and elastic sandwich material. washable and adjusts with Velcro fastners, which is good for any swelling.

For both sides.

Size: XS. S / M / XL

Hand and thumb splint. Long.

Art. No. OR81.

A thumb splint with a flexible volar aluminium rod providing additional mouldable thumb joint support.

For both sides.

Size: S / M.  L / XL.  Lenght 22 cm.

Colour: Black.


Hand and thumb splint. Short.

Art. No. OR72.

Made from breathable cotton material with adjustable aluminium rods.

For both sides.

Size. S / M. L /XL.  Lenght. 13 cm.

Colour: Blue.


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