Trail running

TOUCH  is the basic level for everyday wear, leisure, and light sports activities. It symbolizes bear’s comfort in the great outdoors.

ADAPT  is the intermediary level for tougher challenges and sports pursuits. It symbolizes bear’s natural capability to adapt to changing outdoor  conditions

SHIELD is the advanced level for extreme outdoor challenges and ultimate sports performance. It symbolizes bear’s extraordinary protection against the most demanding conditions.

14274 - BRBL BORNEO 2. Shield. New

Mmm, trail running. Blazing around in nature, nimbly avoiding any obstacles and feeling like an ibex. But what if your socks suddenly wrinkle?

We don’t even want to think about it! That’s why we made Borneo. They won’t allow your run to turn into foot hell. Borneo are your feet’s second, very functional skin.

They ensure blister prevention, top-notch moisture management and protection exactly where you need it. All that without restricting your freedom of movement.

In Borneo you are going to run farther, easier and with more pleasure.

Art. No. 14274.  Price: 10,50 €

08875 - BRBL ATLAS. Adapt

Atlas are comfortable and durable socks, suitable for most conditions.

Put them on and you’ll quickly notice they are made to fit and protect crucial parts of your feet.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about breathability and moisture management.

We are talking about trail running socks, for bear’s sake! The last thing we’d want is to create a foot sauna. Because of their unbeatable price/performance ratio.

Atlas are one of our most popular socks.

Art. No. 08875.  Price: 7,00 €

09198 - BRBL BART. Touch. 2 pack

You like sports and running, but don’t push yourself too hard? Bart socks will make sure your feet remain fresh aer any lighter activities.

They are suitable for most recreational outdoor activities and for everyday use during the warmer months.

Bear Bundle: You get 2 pairs for this price.

Art. No. 09198.  Price: 9,00 €


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