Shock waves are acoustic waves carrying a high amount of energy through the tissues, that irradiate in the body until reaching the sore area. Shock waves are characterized by a rapid change in pressure, with great amplitude and non-periodicity.

The amount of energy that is transferred to the tissue is much higher than the energy produced by ultrasounds.
Our body reacts to the shock waves passing through it by increasing the metabolic activities in the treated area and facilitating the reduction of the inflammation caused by an analgesic effect induced by the local release of endorphins.

The healing process is thus stimulated and accelerated.
Our devices emit a radial (ballistic) shock wave, since the wave is generated by a special pistol-shaped probe, whose barrel is closed at its end by a metallic cap; a steel bullet is shot against this cap using compressed air (max pressure 5 bar).

 In this way, a shock wave is generated that spreads moving radially through the skin
and in the underlying layer of tissue, or in a more focused way.

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Model Shock Med

Device with wheels

Display Color Touch Screen 8’

Pressure 1-5 Bar max

Frequency 1-20 Hz max

31 stored protocols, 200 protocols storable in the internal memory and more in the USB

Model Shock Med Compact.

Desktop device

Display Color Touch Screen 6′

Pressure 1-4 Bar max

Frequency 1-15 Hz max

31 stored protocols, 200 protocols storable in the internal memory and more in the USB

Supraspinatus tendonitis: tips and remedies

The supraspinatus tendonitis is an increasingly common and painful pathology.

This pathology, which involves the shoulder, is nothing but an inflammation of the supraspinatus muscle. It can cause very intense pain and functional and motor restraint, even in the most normal movements of daily life, due to its degree of inflammation and tendon calcification.

The main causes of this pathology can be:

Genetic factors of joint bone shape. A tendon thickening or uneven shoulder shape may compromise normal movements, resulting in inflammation and consequent pain.

Wrong posture maintained and assimilated over time.
Previous injuries that, creating scar tissue, hamper the normal muscular, articular and tendon movement.
The practice of sports that require effort with your arms above your head, especially if repeated, such as volleyball, tennis or weight lifting.


Plantar Fasciitis: symptoms and effective remedies

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain.
This disease occurs mainly among athletes or who spend most of their day on their feet.
Our foot consists of a long ligament, plantar fascia, that connects the heel to the toes; this ligament, due to excessive or incorrect use can become inflamed, causing pain that usually starts from the area of the heel and then spread throughout the plantar fascia.


Trochanteric bursitis: What it is and how to treat it.

The trocha [EME Borsite-pertrocanterica] nteric bursitis is a femur inflammation; its name belongs to its effects on the mocous bursitis of the greater trochanter.
Bursitis can strike indiscriminately sedentary subjects and sports people. Middle-aged people, overweight people, or people having problems arising from the alteration of walking mechanisms (subjects with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lower limb length discrepancy etc.) are certainly the most affected by such pathological condition.

Moreover, bursitis frequently affects females because of the length of the basin and the resulting increase of the tension-tendon structures. As mentioned, however, this condition can also affect the more athletic, usually because of incorrect or repetitive movements and falls, especially goalkeepers but also runners, skiers and wrestlers. In this case, the only care that people can follow to prevent bursitis is a good warming before physical activities and, specifically for runners, choosing a good soil.
Bursitis is manifested by pain, usually bearable but continuous, that is felt stronger when performing certain daily activities like climbing stairs up or down or crossing legs.

The treatment:

Although this medical condition is not particularly debilitating should not be underestimated and it would be necessary to ask for medical advice in order to not aggravate and prolong the healing time.

For the resolution of the painful condition, in addition to the use of anti-inflammatories and stretching exercises and rehabilitation, for more serious cases or simply for sportivs for whom recovery time is critical, it’s possibile to use the endodiatermia (tecar), the high power laser and shock waves.

These technologies can also be used in combination, as happens for high power laser and tecar, in order to obtain a radical resolution of the problem. The high power laser is ideal for the treatment of inflammatory or degenerative pathology because it has biostimulant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and stress relieving effects.

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