Knee bandage.

Art. No. OR702MZ  with Velcro.

Art. No. OR7020Z  without Velcro..

A knee bandage with two lateral sprung bars and an integrated slilicone pad, skin friendly, breathable fabric, with or without Velcro.

For both sides..

Size: S.XL.

Colour: White- Blue or Black-Blue.


Patella band.

Art. No. OR17.

A 3 ply textile support bandage, providing patella relief with a moulded silicone pad.

For both sides.

Size: Universal.

Colour: Black.

Jointed knee support bandage..

Art. No. OR724.

Made of cotton with plastic side joints, a silicone ring and velcro straps.

For both sides..

Size: S-XXl.

Colour: Blue-Black.

Ankle support bandage..

Art. No. OR903.

Ankle bandage with silicone pads, made from skin-friendly breathable fabric.

For both sides.

Size :S-XXL

Colour: White-Blue or Black-Blue.

Achilles support..

Art. No. OR409.

Ankle support bandage with silicone pads and a silicone heel wedge, made from skin-friendly breathable fbric.

For both sides..

Size: S-XXL.

Colour: Blue-Black.

OMO Schapfix Shoulder Brace.

Art. Nr. OR2i

A cotton shoulder support bandage with viscoelastic profile inserts.

For both sides.

Size: S-XXL.

Colour. Grey.

Elbow Support  Candage. Basic.

Art. Nr. OR245.

Made from elasticated breathable material.

Size: S-XL.

Colour: Black-Red.


Knee Support Bandage. Basic.

Art. Nr. OR719.

Made from elasticated breathable ,aterial..

Size: S-XL.

Colour : Black/Red.

Ankle Support Bandage. Basic.

Art. Nr. OR938.

Made from elasticated breathable material.

Size: S-XL.

Colour: Black/Red.

Silicon Heel Cushion.

Art. Nr. ORSILO.

Silicon heel cushion for shock absortion, crupeed like, comes as a pair.

Size: S-L.

Silicon Heel Cushion with Soft Spot.

Art. Nr. ORSILM.

Silcon heel cushion with a soft spot and comes as a pair.

Size: S-L.


Thigh Support Bandage..

Art. Nr. ORS247.

Art. Nr. OR4501.

ORS247: For both sides. Universal size. Colour: Black-Blue

OR4501: For both sides.. Size: S-XL. Colour: Black.

Lower Leg Support Bandage.

Art. Nr. ORS220.

Art. Nr. OR41.

A lower leg support bandage with a Velcro fastening..

ORS220: For both sides. Size: Universal. Colour Black/Blue.

OR41: For both sides. Size: S-XL. Colour: Blue.


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