Softlight is a device working on 905nm wavelenght and stimulates all energetic and cell processes which help the tissue maintenance.

The technology is used for rejuvenation treatment, stimulation of micro circulation and to reduce the effects of cellulite and water retention.

the device is supplied with 2 probes:

one with one 100 mW probe
one with 5 diodes for 500 mW total

Softlight allows the treatment in continuous and pulsed mode, tank to its intuitive software it is possible to regulate the intensity of frequence and the time of treatment.

What is Softlaser?

The infrared laser beam is used in aesthetic to stimulate the cellular and metabolic photo-biostimulation.

The laser radiation is different from “normal light” thanks to the properties that are not present in any other type of electromagnetic radiation:



Depending on the laser power, the duration, as well as the properties of the tissue, you experience the following effects:

Heating of tissues
Acceleration of the physiological processes
Increased rate of cell mitosis

The laser light is able to activate cellular processes and metabolic energy that favor maintenance of tissues.

The heat increases the vasodilation and the microcirculation, stimulates the revitalization of intra-and extra-cellular, increasing the oxygenation.

The activation of microcirculation stimulates the drainage of edema, bags and water retention. The toxins are then eliminated.

The numerous beneficial effects of laser light are used in aesthetics for:

Reduce wrinkles, scars and stretch marks
Reduction and elimination of water retention and cellulite
Reduction of bags and edema
Toning tissue
Stimulation of acupuncture points.

The special wavelenght of Softlight laser makes the device necessary to obtain the activation of cell processes responsible for skin health.
With Softlight it is possible to:

strenghten the walls of blood and lymphatic capillaires 
stimulate the activity of fibroplasts by increasing the heat and the production of collagen and elastin
Deflate adipocytes, reducing localized fat.

These properties are very important for the treatment of cellulite. Remarkable are the effects on the lymphatic micro circulation that is stimulated thanks to the laser light.

Since the first session there is an improvement of the tone of tissue, the stimulation of micro circulation occurs with the need of the patient to expel liquids.

Softlight is used in aesthetic to reduce and eliminate gradually scars, stretch marks and deep wrinkles. The action of laser is not superficial but deep, and acts by stimulating the muscles and the production of substances responsible of elasticity and tone of skin.


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