The application of scanning lasertherapy allows the treatment of larger areas than the contact laser application
and the process is entirely automatic, since it does not need the presence of an operator.

Step by step movers: the new moving system of the laser through step by step movers generates micro-oscillations,

allowing the set treatment area to increase in size up to 5%.

Fysioterapi, fysioudstyr, radarlaser, fysioterapeuter,

Model PR999 8w

Excellent if used against inflammations, excels also regarding its

Anallgesic and bio-stimulation effects.

Wavelength of 940 mm.

Single diode with 8w power


Model PR 999 4W

Excellent Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic effect. 

Good bio-stimulant effect.

A two wavelength scanner device with two simultaneous laser sources:

Continuous 808nm and Pulsed 940 nm

PR999 500mw

Excellent Anti-inflammatory and medium Analgesic and bio-stimulant effect

Maximum power of 500mW

Wavelength 808 nm

Pulsed and continuous

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