Regenyal Super Idea is a re-absorbable biorivolumetria product (sterile, apyrogenic and physiological gel) meant for:

Volume Restoration

Correction of deep skin sagging

The main component is cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid of non animal origin and obtained through bacterial fermentation.




Extrusion force of Regenyal Super idea

The different extrudibility profiles show that there is a higher degree on reticulation in Regenyal Super Idea than in Regenyal Idea using a reference needle 27G 13mm. (Becton Dickinson)



Injection technique.

Regenyal Super Idea can be injected with a needle as well as with a 25G 13mm. cannula. In both cases the product has to be injected into deeper layers:

Deep Hypoderm
Above the Periosteum
The injection technique differs, as it has to be appropriate for each area treated and can be either in bolus (single or multiple) or linear with retrograde and uniform release. 
Upon finishing the correction procedure gently massage the area treated.

 Is it recommended to repeat the treament after 12 months.

Manufacturing technology:

Regenyal Super Idea is a  mono-phase gel obtalned through a long-lasting cross process at low temperatures (gentle cross-linking)

By varying the cross-linking parameters (time and temperature) and the concentration of the two molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid (1 million Dalton + 2 million Dalton) it is possible to obtain a highly concentrated product with low content on BDDE.

The amount of BDDE used is 30% lower than in the majority of other products, available on the market today having the same degree og viscosity.

This innovasive manufacturing method is covered by an International patent.




Hyaluronic Acid.

The Hyaluronic Acid used for the manufacturing quarantees for a maximum quality standard in terms of raw material purity, in particular the complete absence of nucleic acids and proteins stands for SUPERIOR QUALITY and ABSOLUTE SAFETY.

Package Contents:

1 package of Super Idea 1x1 ml.
Sealed blister containing 1 pre-filled sterile mono-dose/mono use syringe
1 sterile needle 23G 19mm. (TSK CE 0123)
1 sterile cannula 25G 38mm. (TSK CE 0123

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