CuraTec Nordic delivers a complete range of ramps for optimal accessibility everywhere.

All products are made from environment-friendly PE.

All of our products are made from completely non-toxic PE, the same material as found, e.g., on the inside of milk cartons.

All PE products are manufactured in our factory in Denmark and out manufacturer have full control over the quality of the production, the working conditions for employees, and the raw materials they use, i.e. they secure that all raw materials and dyes they use in their products are approved for food and totally toxic-free.

PE products are acid-resistant and corrosion-free and resistant to all kinds of household detergents.

Recycling and disposal

Apart from being non-toxic, PELD and PE can also be regenerated 100% and afterwards recycled into other items. The production is therfore completely waste-free, as any defective products and shortened items which our fitters take back after assembly, are sent to regeneration for recycling.

To maintain a green environment, we offers all customers to send us their worn, broken residues of ramps or tiles. We will forward these to regeneration. This service is free of charge for the customer. The individual sender only has to pay for forwarding their material to us. 


The motivation behind the saving measures is equally due to environmental responsibility and the wish to have a more profitable production, - as well as requests from customers to participate in regenerating products and waste, and, obviously, efforts always to comply with environmental requirements and laws.


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