Kiran's high-performance Radiology accessories are widely used in a variety of facilities, including hospitals, doctor's offices, radiology clinics, dental offices, nursing homes, hospitals, and emergency rooms. These state-of-the-art radiology accessories assist certified X-Ray technicians in obtaining the necessary images for accurate diagnosis.

Røntgen, radiologi

Analogue Xray Cassettes

X-ray imaging leaders around the world trust Kiran cassettes for their superior image clarity and minimum patient dose. Durable, reliable, and accompanied with some of the world’s best after-sales service, our cassettes meet and surpass international quality standards.


You may also purchase the cassettes alone, without a factory-fitted screen. Kiran cassettes provide perfect film screen contact as a result of nitrogen-imploded open cell P.U. foam system, a curved back door profile, and textured screen surface.

Kiran cassettes are also available as replacement products in two versions with and without a window.

Irrelevant to size, Kiran cassettes are perfectly weight optimized to be lightweight yet tough, with locks and hinges of unbreakable German Desmopan polymer.

All Kiran cassettes comply with the council directive 93 / 42 / EEC and follow the CE 4090 guidelines.


Analogue Xray Screens

Kiran screens, compatible with all conventional films, are designed to improve the overall quality of the X-ray image. Each screen provides exceptionally good.Contrast, detail perception, and reduction in X-ray dosage with a low tube voltage. A comprehensive range of replacement screens is also available.


AntiScatter Grids

Superior Contrast: The Key to Accurate Diagnoses:Dramatically improving image contrast, the grids offered by Kiran aim at helping medical professionals make accurate diagnoses. This is achieved by absorbing scattered rays while maintaining the optimum transmission of primary radiation.

Kiran provides a complete range of anti-scatter grids, which includes Standard Grids, Digital Grids, Bucky Grids and Circular Grids. Kiran also manufactures customized grids to meet the specialized needs of our customers.

The robust quality management system ensures a stringent testing protocol for incoming raw material and at each production stage for every grid manufactured by Kiran. Statistical Process Control and a rigorous final product testing regimen post manufacture result in defect-free grids with optimal performance.

Kiran XRay Film

A Universal film with high contrast in the low densities to ensure sharp and detailed images. Green or Blue-sensitive film, suited for a complete range of radiology applications.

Several years of experience with Direct Digital printing into designing the Dry Printer imager, in order to produce the very highest diagnostic quality greyscale hardcopies. To support these top-of-the-line imager, a special medium, DRY film, was developed. It is capable of coping with the higher throughput of the advanced imagers. State-of the art Direct Digital dry imaging technology produces grayscale hardcopies with high Dmax and contrast. It gives the same clear, high-quality results as wet laser film, but offers all the advantages of dry technology: no wet processing, no darkroom and no chemicals.

The Direct Digital dry imaging technology ensures easy and convenient use. The heat-sensitive characteristics DRY film make daylight loading effortless, and as simple as inserting a CD into your PC. With no wet processing or darkroom required, there is no need for cleaning products, time-consuming adjustments or chemical disposal. Image processing is more efficient and cost-effective. The DRY film packaging is fully recyclable and, combined with the elimination of processing chemicals, provides a more environmentally friendly solution.

DRY film is built on a 168μm-thick PET base, coated with silver salts and covered with a protective top layer for resistance to scratches and moisture. The PET base has rounded corners, to allow the medium to be handled in the same way as regular X-ray film. The silver-based imaging layer is heat-sensitive rather than light-sensitive, guaranteeing low fog and high contrast, combined with excellent image stability.


Mobile Storage System with Hangers

Dårlig opbevaring reducerer holdbarheden for beskyttelsesbeklædning og optager også overdreven plads. Vores perfekt udformede vifte af opbevaringssystemer kan hjælpe med at opbevare flere par tøj og tilbehør i en kompakt enhed, der er pladseffektiv og let at installere.


5 bøjler og handskeholder: Opbevarer op til 5 par tøj 10 bøjler og handskelejer: Opbevarer op til 10 par tøj Handskeholder og kroge er tilgængelige til fastgørelse på mobilsystemet.

Praktisk mobilopbevaringssystem med bremser. Rustfrit stål bøjler til hygiejnisk opbevaring. Kompakt enhed til opbevaring af tøj, handsker og skjold. Aftagelige kroge for flere opbevaringsmuligheder.

Poor storage reduces the shelf life of protective apparel and also takes up excessive space. Our perfectly crafted range of storage systems can help safely store multiple pairs of apparel and accessories in a compact unit that is space efficient and easy to install.

5 Hangers & Glove Holder: Stores up to 5 pairs of apparel

10 Hangers & Glove Holder: Stores up to 10 pairs of apparel
Glove holder and hooks are available for fixing on the mobile system.

Convenient mobile storage system with brakes.

Stainless steel hangers for hygienic storage.
Compact unit for storing apparel, gloves, and shields.
Detachable hooks for more storage options.


Mounted Wall Racks

Swivel hangers for ease of hanging and removing.

Stainless steel hangers for hygienic storage.
Space-saving racks store apparel close to the wall.
Wall bracket can be flush right or left for optimum use of space.


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