QuickRamps for all purposes


Quick Ramps can be used for all types thresholds, doorsteps, steps, edges and ridges in the home, and can be supplied in widths from 75 to 100 cm, or own measurement. Quickramp is made of non-toxic and odorless material.

QuickRamps can quickly and easily be installed by everyone, by using either Quick_Tape or Quick-Pads.

QuickRamps are made of the same material as the inside of a milk carton, and is completely non-toxic and odorless




Measuring with the Ramp O meter
It is important to order the ramp in the right height. The best result you will get by using our ramp O meter, 

To ensure the best possible adhesion of either Quick-Tape or Quick-Pads, you should clean the surface thoroughly.

Use of Quick-Pads
Place the Quick-Pads in front of the small arrows.

Install and uninstall the ramp
By using Quick-Pads the ramp can be installed and uninstalled, so cleaning beneath it becomes possible.

Use of Quick-Tape
Remove the protective paper from the pre assembled Quick-Tape, and mount the ramp by pressing firmly.

A threshold ramp can, for most people, appear to be the simplest thing in the world. Even so, differences in threshold ramp design and in particular functionality for the end-user, health-care personnel and family members can be quite considerable. For this reason, it is important to first look at the type of threshold/door and the way it is situated, before choosing a threshold ramp solution. The 4 illustrations below depict typical door placements. Click on the illustration that best depicts your particular requirements and follow the directions, which will help you choose the correct threshold ramp solution

Doors situated in corners

Doors situated mid-room

Deep-set doors

Hallways with multiple doors

When choosing a threshold ramp for a door situated in the corner of a room, give an extra thought to accessibility.

When choosing a threshold ramp for a door situated in the middle of a room, give an extra thought to accessibility. 

Threshold ramps for doors in recesses or alcoves will usually be fitted without corner ramps. Ther are, however, several factors that need to considered when choosing the ramp solution.

A small hallway with several door openings can pose a problem when it comes to the placement of ramps in the doorways. The ramps themselves often occupy so much of the available floor area, that it becomes difficult for a wheelchair user to use the hallway



1,8 cm. - 5,5 cm.



3,6 cm. - 9,1 cm.



7,2 cm. - 12,7 cm.



10,8 cm. - 16,3 cm.


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