High Low Beds

Luna 2 Standard

The Luna Standard bed is a stylish, high quality 4 section profiling electric bed with a user handset for convenience and full length wooden side rails for safety.

The bed comes complete with a lifting pole for extra user movement and independence. The multi adjustable 4 section mattress platform provides comfort and assists correct posture.


Luna 2 Basic Budget

An economy three motor version of the Luna bed with similar functions apart from the knee buckle facility and covered bed ends. Legs can be raised manually or, with the four motor version, electrically. Easy to use in all homecare environments.

Plejesenge, Plejeseng justerbar,

Alois - Aleis

Security, practicality and esthetics

A low height bed for patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Very low minimum height and maximum height up to 720 mm. It is compatible with most patient lifts on the market.

• 3 functions electrical bed with knee buckle
• Protective transport cover for the wooden panels
• Serum holder
• Louis Philippe wooden panels
• Remote control support
• Independent serum holder



Illico Speed

The Illico bed is a medical bed combining an attractive design and ultra-fast assembly without any extra tools. It is available in a 2 or 3 functions version and configurable at the level of the panels, barriers and bedsprings. It is also possible to transform a 2 functions bed into a 3 functions bed in a couple of minutes.

Everything has been designed so that one person easily can assemble and disassemble the bed for storage in a very short time. Comes standard with Oxide boards but Beech boards are optionally available for either the metal or wooden side barriers.

Interval Classic

The Interval bed has an electrically adjustable head support. By simply pressing a button, the head support moves into a more vertical position, enabling you to read, eat or watch television. The footrest can be placed in the correct position manually. This high/low bed has 4 wheels, each with a separate brake, therefore guaranteeing stability. The strong and flexible coated baseboard is easy to maintain. The bed can be assembled and disassembled quickly and without tools.


• Bed with electrical knee buckle • Table • Bedside table 

• Cover to transport the wooden panels • Wooden base frame

• Centralized brake

Interval Classic XXL

The 3-functions Interval XXL bed has electrical adjustments and is available in 1200 and 1400 mm. Delivered in a white or beige frame with a grid mattress base. The legpart is provided with an electrical adjustable knee-buckle whereas the footpart can be adjusted manually. Can be ordered with wooded or metal side rails.

Max. users weight: ­­240 kg.  


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