Patient Face Protector. 

For operations in the neck area.

The Patient Face Protector was developed based on the experiences of surgeons, anaesthetists and specialist storage personnel.

During lengthy surgery on the neck, such as in the case of goitre, the area around the patient’s face and ventilation tubes is at risk. Implications of this are inadvertently shifted tubes and injuries to the eyes and nose (by placing arms over the covered face of the patient). Not without good reason, doctors and staff are on the lookout for suitable face protection. To this day they are still improvising, under considerable risk.

The Patient Face Protector was developed to protect the patient’s face during surgery on the neck (goitre, decompression of the cervical vertebrae, carotid arteries, etc.). The transparent visor acts as a protective guard for the face and also offers SAs a place to rest their forearms. The tube, the breathing circuit, the head and neck area are kept stable and protected. Even during position changes mid-surgery. The head and neck rest on a viscoelastic cushion. For the surgery, the neck can be reclined by way of air cushions, and the head inclined.

For different models of operating table, you can attach adapters to the sides of the Face Protector’s base. The bracket grooves for the breathing tubes, pumps and the air cushion are located on the rear of the base plate.

The transparent visor is height-adjustable and can be tilted. The bolt handles fix the height and the inclination is secured with the locking bolt.

The Patient Face Protector can be attached to a dome support or the table top. It is easy to use and increases patient safety. During longer interventions the Patient Face Protector is an aid for SAs and, with that, indirectly supports the surgeon.

The Patient Face Protector is made of plastic (carbon-fibre look), is permeable to x-ray and is latex-free. A dual air cushion with hand pumps provides separate support for the head and neck. The kit reclines and inclines. Viscoelastic cushions support patient comfort.

Mod.-No.: 410.2000

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