Oryx Delivery Robot.

  • Laser radar. Charging connector. Expandab le loading platform. Vision sensor
  • Easy to use—use robot like elevator
  • Excellent distribution ability—optimized process and efficient delivery
  • Accurate positioning and safe use—multiple operation tips
  • Easy to use—use robot like elevator
  • Excellent distribution ability—optimized process and efficient delivery

BooCax "Oryx” delivery robot is used indoors, such as factories, laboratory buildings, hospitals, e-commerce warehouses, etc., to realize two-point delivery and cargo handling.

The robot is light and small, and easy to use.

It can issue instructions through its own control panel, which allows the robot to move and handle according to the actual needs, greatly optimizing the field operation process, reducing operating costs and improving the intelligent management of enterprises.




Mobile App operation; route deployment by pushing the robot, offline operation without reliance on 4G network;

The target task is issued by clicking the button on control panel. The user can learn to operate instantly without training.

The delivery workflow is greatly optimized, and the high-performance chassis is equipped with a smart navigation engine to efficiently realize the high-frequency delivery between two points.

Centimeter-level precision ensures accurate positioning; driving light in combination with voice prompt guarantees safe operation.

With one click, the robot will return to autocharge, eliminating the trouble of wire charging. It is easy to manage, convenient, and can improve work efficiency.

Oryx Delivery Robot. Model Name LY-55

Function Indoor delivery and handling.
Body weight 47.4 kg
External dimensions 530mm (diameter) * 397mm (chassis height) (shelf
height is adjustable)
Rated load 50 kg
Positioning/navigation mode
Laser SLAM
Communication mode WiFi
Man-machine interaction Physical button control panel, mobile App
Drive mode Two-wheel differential drive
Rotating diameter 610 mm
Operating parameters. Running speed 0.8 m/s
Positioning accuracy ±20 mm
Navigation accuracy Startup ±25 mm; smooth running ±10 mm
Gradeability ≤8°
Obstacle crossing ability Vertical obstacle crossing height: 10mm
Width of driving channel ≥750 mm
Noise ≤53dB@0.8m/s
Battery. Rated voltage/capacity 24V / 28Ah
Battery life Full load 10 ~ 12
Charging time 3 h (0-80%). Charging mode Autocharge
Charging current 8A fast charge +1A slow charge
Safety performance. Obstacle avoidance Laser+collision sensor
Emergency stop button Control panel
Driving safety Voice prompt,driving indicator
Working environment. Indoor Concrete pavement, wood floor
Working temperature -5°C ~ +50°C 

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