Schapfix shoulder sling for children.

Art. No. OR2A.

Made from cotton material with terry lining and quick-release.

Size: XXS Chest measurement 40 cm. 2-6 years.

Size: XS   Chest measurement 40-55 cm. 6-12 years.

Colour: White.

Clavicle support bandage for children.

Art. No. OR5A. Without cross connection..

Art. No. OR5B. With front cross connection..

Cotton and terry material combinations with a flexible plastic hoop and velcro as well as being padded at the back.

Size: XXS. Chest measurement up to 50 cm. 2-5 years..

Size: XS. Chest measurement 50-70 cm. 6-9 years.

Colour: White.


Cervical collar for children.

Art. No. OR20BI

Medium strenght foam cervical brace with an anatomical shape..

Size: XXS Neck measurement 19-24 cm. Height  4 cm.

Size: XS: Neck measurement 25-31 cm. Height 6 cm.

Colour: White.


Cast boot for children..

Art. No. OR4401K.

Made from a waterptoff nylon fabric, easy to use, non-slip sole.

For both sides.

S: Up to shoe size 20.

M:  Up to shoe size 25.

L: Up to shoe size 30.

Colour: Blue.

Thumb splint.

Art. No. OR10AI

To optimally immobilise the thumb saddle joint using two mouldable aluminium rails, elastic sandwich material. It is washable, adjusts with Velcro fasteners nd is suitable for any likely swelling.

For both sides.

Size: XS.

Colour: Yellow or Blue.

Hand splint.

Art. No. OR10FIK. Short.

Art. No. OR10FIL. Long.

To stabilise the wrist with a mouldable aluminium rod and an addiotional Velcro fastener. Made from padded cotton Lycra material.

Size: Universal.

Short XS. Wrist circumference up to14 cm. Rod lenght 18 cm.

Long: XS. Wrist circumference up to 14. cm. Rod lenght 23 cm.

Colour: Yellow or black.

GNO Knee brace for children.

Art. No. OR1.

A paediatric splint monocentric joint, limiting extension and flexion.

For both sides.


XXS: Body height 120 cm. Thigh circumference 20-27 cm.

XS:   Bodyheight 140 cm.  Thigh circumference 27-38 cm.

Colour: Yellow or black.

Knee immobilizer 20° for children.

Art. No. OR3BK.

Made from soft padded material with lateral metal reinforcements, 3-way adjustment, cotton and terry material lining.

For both sides..

XXS: Rod lenght 35 cm. Body height 80-100 cm.

XS:   Rod lenght 40 cm. Body height 100-120 cm.

S:     Rod lenght 45 cm. Body height 120-140 cm.

Colour: Blue.

Ankle splint for children.

Art. No. OR6MSK.

With anatomically-shaped plastic shells and adjustable heel bridge and soft padding made from memory foam.

For both sides.

Size: Universal.

Colour: Black.


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