Radiologi, røntgen, C-arm røntgen, C-arm mobil, digital røntgen

Mobile X-Ray

Radiology is literally on the move with Mobile Digital X-Ray equipment. This radiology revolution enabled easy access to X-Ray equipment as they can be transported to any place in the hospital. Standing apart from the tall, bulky units, these mobile X-ray units are geared up with easy to transport wheels and make the system environment-friendly. These mobile X-Ray units can be used in hospitals, clinics, veterinary, military field operations, as well as other digital imaging applications.

X-Ray, Mobile X-Ray, C-Arm X-Ray, Radiology

Ultisys 3,5

Ultisys 3.5 is a comprehensive and versatile Mobile Radiography System from Kiran with easy-to-use, well-proven features for streamlined operation. Ultisys 3.5 provides ease of mobility & faster imaging making it the best solution across all departments with minimal footprint.

Radiologi, røntgen, C-arm røntgen, C-arm mobil, digital røntgen


Ultisys 3.5 is designed for Radiographic Imaging in different healthcare centres and in different clinical specialties like Radiology, Orthopaedics & Urology; making it a smart investment with excellent diagnostic value.

Radiology, X-ray, Mobile x-ray


The machine is ideal for X-Rays of chest, skull, extremities and special investigations including Barium IBP & routine Orthopedic examinations. Range of optional accessories is also available: Horizontal & manual multi position bucky examination tables.

The product meets all the essential requirements in terms of ease of use, mobility, manoeuvrability with high quality images that’s rich in contrast offering excellent diagnostic value.


Compact & Slim Design

User-friendly keyboard

A grid storage & Large Cassette box

Dead stop hand brakes

Light Vehicle wheels

Micro-processor based control system

Institutive operation based on Anatomical program(APR) with graphic key switches

Overriding manual selection of operating parameters

Independent radiography parameters (KV, mAs) selection with digital display

Automatic X-ray Tube Overload Protection

Counterbalanced up/down movement of tube arm-ease of positioning

Wider reach of tube with respect to the patient, especially for Trauma cases

Ease of mobility with braking system

Consistent dose output even with varying mains voltages

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