TOUCH  is the basic level for everyday wear, leisure, and light sports activities. It symbolizes bear’s comfort in the great outdoors.

ADAPT  is the intermediary level for tougher challenges and sports pursuits. It symbolizes bear’s natural capability to adapt to changing outdoor  conditions

SHIELD is the advanced level for extreme outdoor challenges and ultimate sports performance. It symbolizes bear’s extraordinary protection against the most demanding conditions.

14282 - BRBL NUNAVUT. Adapt

Sweaty feet on a cold day? Yikes. Dedicated runners don’t deserve that.

Good news! Nunavut socks keep your feet warm and breathing. Special mesh areas make sure sweat evaporates as quickly as possible.

Nunavut are perfectly padded for a comfortable run and enhanced with Nanoglide technology to prevent blisters. Add a dash of merino wool and you get the perfect combination for running in the cold.


Art. No. 14282.  Price: 9,00 €

14270 - BRBL PATHWAY. Adapt

Summer days are a fantastic time to run. Especially with Pathway socks on your feet.

Dryarn® technology combined with mesh knitting results in thin and light socks that won’t drench your feet in sweat.

Despite their light nature, Pathway still offer enough protection and prevent blisters. With them, you can take it easy or go on a long and challenging track. They won’t let you down.


Art. No. 14270.  Price: 9,00 €

14271 - BRBL TAHOE. Touch. 2 pack

Simple, light socks for warm days. Tahoe are ideal for easy runs by the beach or relaxing forest strolls.

They are breathable and offer just enough support for such activities.

Bear Bundle: You get 2 pairs for this price.


Art. No. 14271. Price: 10,50 €




14277 - BRBL KAMLOOPS. Touch.

Is your kid full of energy and loves running around? He/She will love it even more in Kamloops.

These beary comfortable socks will take care of your child’s feet. They are reinforced in just the right places, they prevent blisters and they take care of sweat. All this while feeling really soft thanks to Microlon® technology.

Ideal socks for kids that love being outside.


Art. No. 14277. Price: 6,50 €





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