Kiran specializes in manufacturing some of the world’s finest radiology equipment, accessories and radiation protection products. Apart from radiating healthcare, Kiran also ventures into X-Ray solutions such as Surgical C-Arm products. Positioned as one of the global leaders in radiology, Kiran is a brand known for its outstanding quality products and unparalleled service standards. Being the radiology division of globally acclaimed Trivitron Healthcare brand, Kiran’s realm expands to more than 165 countries across the globe.

 Kiran is a global leader in the radiology sector. Kiran is also the partner-of-choice for some of the world’s leading imaging products manufacturers like Fuji, Agfa, and Carestream (Kodak).

In the Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland as well as the Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania CuraTec Nordic are exclusive distributor of all Kiran products from Radiation Protection products to advanced Radiology and Radiology equipment.

Radiology deals with radiant energy aiding the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This medical specialty is concerned with radiation for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases using ionizing radiation such as X-Rays and non-ionizing radiation such as Ultrasound. It is further divided into two broad areas - diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology.


Kiran has been making human life safer, healthier and brighter by manufacturing some of the world's finest radiology and imaging equipment, accessories and radiation protection products for more than three decades. Kiran is committed to radiology and offers products for interventional radiology and cardiology procedures, Surgery, Conventional & Digital Radiography systems, Radiation Protection Products and Imaging Accessories occupy a prominent place in Kiran's portfolio. 


Today, the complicated surgeries are powered by precise image guidance, making it easy for the surgeons. These image-guided surgeries use systems that capture and relay the patient's anatomy and the surgeon's precise movements in real time captured through cameras or electromagnetic fields. Kiran, as an imaging and radiology brand, provides C-Arm machines to aid the surgeons during critical surgeries.

X-Ray & C-Arm Solutions help the doctors to view the inside of the body without making any incisions. The basic X-Ray technology introduced in 1896, still serves as a key element in the identification, diagnosis and treatment of several medical conditions. Trivitron delivers both standardized and customized solutions for the healthcare providers across the globe. Trivitron offers a wide range of high precision X-Ray solutions, which includes Surgical C-Arm, X-Ray RAD Room and Mobile X-Rays.

Radiology, X-Ray, C-Arm

C-Arm System

C-Arm is a medical imaging device that is based on X-ray technology and can be used flexibly in various ORs within a clinic.

X-Ray, C-Arm, Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography is another form of X-Ray imaging, which uses digital X-Ray sensors instead of traditional photographic film. 

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Mobile Radiology

Radiology is literally on the move with Mobile Digital X-Ray equipment. This radiology revolution enabled easy access to X-Ray equipment

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Radiology Accessories

Kiran's high-performance Radiology accessories are widely used in a variety of facilities, including hospitals, radiology clinics, dental clinics and emergency rooms.

With Kiran's wide range of radiation protection products, there is never any compromise on the image quality and safety. The portfolio of Kiran is made from proprietary materials, each designed for specialized purposes. Apart from a manufacturer of X-ray Cassette, Kiran also produces Radiation Protection Accessories such as Radiation protection Aprons, Shields and Skirt Vest,



Radiation protection, X-Ray radiation protection

Radiation Protection Shields

Kiran's range of special-purpose and multi-purpose shields protects the sensitive parts of the human body.

Radiation protection Apparel, radiation protection

Radiation Protection Apparel

With Kiran's range of radiation protection products, there is never any compromise on the image quality and safety.

Radiation protection eyewear,

Radiation Protection Eyewear

Kiran's range of eyewear is specially designed to protect the sensitive human eye from radiation.

Radiation protection gloves, radiation protection,

Radiation Protection Gloves

One of the prominent organs of our body occasionally exposed to the direct X-ray beam is the hands.

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