• Hemoglobin value tells us many different things about the health condition.
  • A low hemoglobin value is sign of anemia while if it is too high can be a sign of dehydration.
  • High hemoglobin values can also be signs of a serious disease such as COPD as seen in many smokers.
  • Hemoglobin has also great importance for the blood's ability to transport oxygen-rich blood to the body.
  • Typical symptoms can be tiredness, pale skin, and headaches. In very severe cases may cause increased heart rate and dizziness.
  • There are many causes of anemia and blood deficiency can be determined by a simple blood test, to see if there are low concentrations of hemoglobin.

  • CuraTec Nordic is importer and distributor in Scandinavia and in a number of European countries of HemoGo, which is used by professionals  for measurement of hemoglobin values.
  • Advanced biosensor technology.
  • Suited for use in blood banks, donation centers, mobile transfusion station.
  • Automatic Hct calculation.
  • Small blood sample. 1,2 ul.
  • Results in 40 seconds.
  • Sample type. Capillary and venous blood.
  • Calibration. No Coding.
  • Memory 400 test.

Pocket Glucose Meter.

Measurement Time. 4 seconds.
Blood sample volume. 0,4 ul.
Sample Type. Capillary blood.
Calibration. No Coding.
Data Storage. 400 test.

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