About entrance mats.
It is a very good idea to have a mat in front of the entrance to schools, youth clubs etc. Children will invariably drag a lot of dirt in when they have been out playing in the schoolyard or sandpit. To reduce the amount of sand and dirt being dragged in, a mat is the obvious solution. Mats should therefore be effective, easy to maintain, and have a long life.

Entrance mats can be constructed with colored tiles scattered around on the mat, to the delight of the children that use them. Chidren will naturally try to jump from color to color, all the while bouncing dirt and sand off of dirty footwear.

Your cleaning staff will be happier than ever.

With an Excellent entrance mat in front of the entrance to your building, the amount of sand and pebbles brought in by footwear willbe reduced considerably. The overall impression of the entrance is improved and the need for cleaning is reduced.

The reduced wear on the indoor flooring, increases the longevity of the floor coverings considerably.

The mat is constructed of 25cm x 25cm tiles, so they adapt easily to surrounding buildings and obstacles.

Replacement of worn sections, does not require replacement of the entire mat,  only individual squares. This makes good business sense.

Entrance mats with ramps.
Entrance mats from Excellent Systems can also include integrated ramps, in order to gradually raise the mat to the level of the doorstep. No matter how high the doorstep, we can build mat/ramp combinations with exactly the slope and width required.

The ramp system has "built in" drainage, so water and sleet drain off quickly and easily. The surface dries quickly as a result.

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