The clinical and geriatric sectors, as well as home care hospitalization, require very specific furniture that improves the quality of life of the patients, also facilitating the work of the people who attend them.

The specialization in the production of hospital furniture has allowed us to extend the range of health products, all of them designed to offer an integral solution to the needs of  hospitals, nursing homes or private homes.

At the moment of delivery, CuraTec Nordic agrees to carry out as many training days as necessary to ensure that the personnel are able to dedicate their efforts entirely to the patients wellbeing. CuraTec Nordic, in collaboration with the hospital, plans an extensive clinical training programme, by individual areas, shift by shift.

Additionally, an explanatory course is carried out on all possible preventative and corrective methods, as well as storage and transport conditions which allow technicians to understand the product and therefore maintain it in optimum condition.

At CuraTec Nordic we are specialists in the design,and sale of high technology products for hospitals, clinics and geriatric residences, namely hospital beds, maternity beds, ergonomic and gynecological chairs,treatment tables and emergency stretchers, to name but a few.
We are also qualified to train and consult medical staff in the correct usage of our equipment, providing them with all the necessary technical knowledge.

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