Vega 10.64 laser allows to treat various problems and obtain definitive results just in few sessions.

The removal of pigmented lesions with Vega 10.64 leaves no scars on the skin. The removal of moles requires from 4 to 6 sessions, while freckles and age spots need from 2 to 4 sessions.

To remove red and blue vascular lesions on the lower limbs and face, up to 4 sessions are needed, depending on the problem you want to treat .

The Laser 1064 nm is also used in aesthetic surgery to remove warts and fibroids in few sessions. A higher number of sessions is required to eliminate folliculitis and to treat seborrhea keratoses.

Vega 10.64 (Medical Laser 1064 nm)

Vega 10.64 is a Laser 1064 nm equipment with Medical Certification used in aesthetic medicine and dermatology for multiple applications.

These are the main applications:

Coagulation in depth,
Vascular surgery,
General surgery,

The device is equipped with 3 probes:

Surgical quadrifocal probe,
Defocused probe,
Free fiber probe.

The main applications are in dermatology, hair removal, vascular surgery, for example:

Reduction and elimination of spider veins, ruby angioma, hemangioma, and freckles
Reduction of age spots
Flattening and reduction of scars and keloids
Permanent hair removal through the thermal destruction of the hair bulb
Reduction of wrinkles and rejuvenation
Removal of nevus
Tattoos removal
Warts removal
Removal and treatment of onychomycosis
Reduction and final disappearance of acne rosacea

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