Automatically takes elevators, smart delivery

Mini Indoor Delivery Robot-Mini Hamster

  • Automatically takes elevators
  • Excellent distribution
  • Smart obstacle avoidance
  • One machine, multiple uses
  • Easy to use
  • Exquisite and capacious

The mission must be reached

The high-performance chassis is equipped with a high-speed navigation engine, and its excellent speed of 1m/s makes delivery more efficient.

The smart AI engine can evaluate and process road condition risks in real time.

Can independently dispatch an elevator, access control and turnstiles, and achieves smart delivery across floors in all scenarios, without being obstructed.

Full coverage of the entire space, supports IOT docking to 95% of elevator on the market.

Autonomous navigation,. Worry-free management.

Autonomous navigation, smart obstacle avoidance and a super powerful mapping engine can easily handle millions of square meters.

Automatic recharging at low battery, and multiple technical guarantees to optimize charging methods.



Helping property merchants undergo upgrades.

Supports two modes: new retail and express delivery, and can switch between working modes based on different scenarios.

Empowering merchants to expand their business opportunities, and helping to improve the building technology with various indoor delivery efficiencies.

Light, automatic, flexible in action.
Large volume, ultra-large 30L capacity.
Can bear a load of 15kg.
Multiple ways to open the lid, making pick-up smoother.
A full closed-loop process.

SizeChassis diameter 430mm,Height 530mm,Hatch diameter 251mm. Charging time3H. Weight18kg

Endurance time5H. 

Communication modeWiFi、4G、Bluetooth

Safety protectionMultiple lidar, lights alert , intelligent pressure sensor. Moving Speed1m/s(adjustable)
Apply to sceneselevator control, entrance control, gate control
Passing rangeWidth≥600mm,Over-obstacle capacity≤10mm
Mob AppSupport 4G, WIFI

Simple and easy app operations, ergonomic interactions.

Mobile app control, light cloud deployment, innovative and exemplary path planning, manageable even for beginners.
The user-friendly interface, lighting and voice interactions offer an improved user experience.

Lay out

Set a path

Start delivery

Hamster Mini Delivery Robot.

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