Cervical collar.

Art. No.OR20D.

Anatomical cerical support made from medium-strenght foam, with a removable skin-friendly-cover.

Size: XS-XL.

Colour: White.

Cervical collar.

Art.No. OR20C.

Anatomical cervical support with a built-in chin rest and a removable skin-friendly cover.

Size: S-L.

Colour: White.

Plastic cervical collar.

Art. No. OR705.

A well-padded plastic cervical collar with a chin rest, adjustable in height and adjustable it with Velcro.

Size: S-L.

Colour: White.

Philadelphia collar.

Art. No. OR707.

For total immobilisation of the cervical spine, with a well-padded shell, chin rest and support behind th head.

Height: 6, 8 ,10, 13 cm.

Size: S-XL.

Colour: Beige.

Schapfix HWS frame.

Art. No. OR2FR.

With a screw system for a height-adjustable chin rest and skin-friendly padding.

Size: Universal.

Colour: Black.

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