TOUCH  is the basic level for everyday wear, leisure, and light sports activities. It symbolizes bear’s comfort in the great outdoors.

ADAPT  is the intermediary level for tougher challenges and sports pursuits. It symbolizes bear’s natural capability to adapt to changing outdoor  conditions

SHIELD is the advanced level for extreme outdoor challenges and ultimate sports performance. It symbolizes bear’s extraordinary protection against the most demanding conditions.

09450 - BRBL ARTO. Shield. Compression

Compression socks are not only beneficial for elderly people, they can also help athletes. They help prevent injuries and enhance your endurance and recovery.

Arto socks have everything you’d want in a technical sock – moisture management, ventilation, blister prevention, tight fit and protection in the right places.

They also help to improve blood circulation, offer muscle support and are comfortable despite compression.

From cycling to golf, Arto socks won’t let you down.


Art. No. 09450. Price:  21,00 €

12495 - BRBL ANTI-INSECT. Shield

Juicy ankles are a common problem of activ

e people. Mosquitoes and other insects cannot resist them while you’re walking in a forest or near a lake. Suddenly your legs turn into brunch.

Anti-Insect socks prevent that. Insects will avoid your legs, thanks to BRBL’s innovative technology. Forget about rashes and itching after a walk.

Anti-Insect socks are not only functional but also very comfortable.

They take care of moisture management, foot protection, and heat control and ensure your walk will be as pleasant as possible.

Art. No. 12495. Price: 12,00 €

10867 - BRBL WILDERNESS. Adapt

These socks are made for the countryside and the wilderness around it.

Due to their height, Wilderness socks are ideal for wellingtons (rubberboots). You can fish in the river, work in the mud or walk around in the snow and your feet will stay warm and comfortable. Thank you, merino wool.

You also don’t need to worry about smelly socks, even aer hours of
work. Merino wool’s natural abilities take care of that.


Art. No. 10867. Price: 13,50 €


10867 - BRBL WILDERNESS. Touch

14281 - BRBL TECTONIC. Adapt

Classic and reliable socks for hikers who prefer to keep it simple.

Tectonic are not flashy and they don’t need to be.

Made from merino wool, they keep your feet warm and comfortable.

We also made sure they stay in place and prevent blisters. You can wear them on a Sunday stroll or on a serious hike and they won’t let you down.


Art. No. 14281. Price: 10,00 €


14281 - BRBL TECTONIC. Adapt

09201 - BRBL BALOO. Touch. 2 pack

Simple and quality low cut socks. They aren’t made for diicult challenges, but they are ideal for everyday walks.

Comfortable and breathable, they are a pair of classic useful socks everyone needs in their wardrobe.

Bear Bundle: You get 2 pairs for this price.


Art. No. 09201. Price: 7,00 €


09201 - BRBL BALOO. Touch 2 pack.

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