Products for moving and handling patients safely.

For more than 30 years SAMARIT has been a leading global supplier of innovative solutions for transferring patients safely in operating theatres, intensive care and emergency wards, radiology, urology and gynaecology departments as well as hospital wards and care homes.

We are passionate about integrating safety and quality into each of our products. Based on our more than 30 years of first hand experience and in cooperation with doctors and healthcare professionals, we are able to exceed customer expectations and thus improve people's everyday lives.

CuraTec Nordic is the executive distributor in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Samarit was founded with the aim to improve care and make care easier for nurses and carers throughout the hospital and in homecare.

The development of the SAMARIT ROLLBORD® which is a “no-lift Patient Transfer System” was patented in 1988 and became the basis of our international distribution structure which includes over 80 distributors in over seventy countries. During the years Samarit has developed many more intelligent nursing aids to support care.

New products are always developed with doctors, specialists, carers and engineers in order to achieve the best relation in price/performance. 

SAMARIT Rollbord, Rollbord, forflytning af patienter, forflytninger, patient løft,

SAMARIT Rollbord®

Lateral Patient Transfer

SAMARIT Transglide

Lateral Patient Transfer

SAMARIT Glideboard

Transfer aid for sedentary patients

SAMARIT Turnplate / Cushion

Nursing aids for professionals

SAMARIT Careglide

Transfer sheets - Tubular Sheets - Flat Sheets

SAMARIT Bed Toppers

For the gentle moving and positioning in the bed.

SAMARIT Handling Slings

Nursing aids for professionals

SAMARIT Beach Chair

Patient positioned safely on the operating table.

Patient Face protection

SAMARIT Patient Face Protector

For operations in the neck area

Pille knuser, Pille kværn, knusning af piller,

SEVERO Electric Pill Grinder

From pill to powder in only a few seconds

Tandrens proteser, protese rens,

CleanDent C2S Pro

A cleaning system simple and effective for ensuring the long life of dentures.

CleanDent C2S Pro

A cleaning system simple and effective for ensuring the long life of dentures.

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