Stack finger splint..

Art. No. ORSTO.

A plastic finger splint for the end joint made from mouldable thermoplastic.

Size : 0,0,0,1,2,3,4,5,5,5 og 5,6.

Colour: Skin coloured.

Stack finger splint with Velcro fastening.

Art. No. ORSTM.

Plastic finger splint for immobilising the knuckles with a built-in fastener.

Size: 0,1,2,3,5,4, 5,5 6,7

Colour: Skin-coloured.


PIP Finger splint.

Art. No. ORPIP.

Plastic finger splint for the middle finger joint, ficing tape is also optionally available.

Size: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Colour: Skin-coloured.




Finger splint.

Art. No. ORA.

A mouldable, aluminium rod with good paddding.


S= 6 cm

M= 7,5 cm.

L= 9 cm.

Farve: Silver.


Finger splint with Velcro fastening..

Art. No. ORAK.

A padded plastic rod with a Velcro closure.


S=6 cm.

M= 7 cm.

L= 8 cm.

XL= 9 cm.

Colour: Grey.

Clamp support / Frog splint. 

Art. No. ORFFK.

A padded aluminium rod that shapes into position and secures with clamping aluminium sections.


S= 6 cm.

M= 7 cm.

L= 8 cm.

Colour: Silver.


Baseball finger splint..

Art. No. ORF.

A mouldable padded aluminium rod secures by clamping aluminium sections at the fingertip and middle finger joint.


S= 10 cm.

M= 11,5 cm.

L= 12,5 cm.

Colour: Silver.


Finger splint.

Art. No. OR10B.

An aluminium rod that moulds into shape with a Velcro adjustment.

Size: S-XL.

Colour: Black-Blue.

F-Finger splint.

Art. No. ORFF.

A flexible aluminium finger rod with a foam cover.


Short rod: 26 cm.

Long rod: 34 cm.


Buddy loops..

Art. No. OR3PP.

An elastic double finger splint with silicone on the inside.

Splint width:

1,5 cm. Black.

2 cm. Grey.

2,5 cm. Black.



Schapfix twin finger splint.

Art. No. ORZW.

A twin finger splint made from non-elastic Velcro material.

Splint width:

1 cm.

1,5 cm.

2 cm.

2,5 cm.

3 cm.

Colour: Beige.

Finger cradle.

Art. No. OR557. Flextion.

Art. No. OR558. Extension.

The degree of ectensuion / flexion is controlled by rubber rings..


XS. 3,6 cm.

S. 4 cm.

M. 4,3 cm.

L. 4,8 cm.

XL. 5,1 cm.

Colour: Black.

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