Electronic Wheelchairs Kids and Adults

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Springer. Kids

Social integration

The Springer is a fine example on how technology can facilitate the social integration of a person. Easy to get around and the lift function creates a greater accessibility. Better social interaction at similar level with friends & family at home and at school. 

• 4 shock absorbers
• Ground clearance up to  80mm
• Profiled wheels for a better grip on uneven terrains
• Anti-tipping wheels at the back

Forrest. Kids Terrain

Excels on uneven surfaces

The Forest Kids is an electronic wheelchair for children, used for indoor and outdoor and ideal in overcoming obstacles. The 4 wheels are always in contact with the ground even on rough surfaces up to 120 mm.

• Height adjustable pushing handles
• Armrests adjustable in height
• Leg rests adjustable in depth
• LED lights in front and back
• Stability axle to keep all 4 wheels in contact with the ground


Midwheel on uneven terrains

The Sigma is Vermeiren’s new electronic mid-wheel wheelchair designed to perform on different terrains. From indoor smooth terrains to more rougher outdoor areas. The design has been constructed in such a way that all the 6 wheels stay in permanent contact with the ground to provide an continuous stability. The Sigma wheelchair is fully adjustable to your personal needs such as adjustable footrests, optional electronic footplate, adjustable seat depth and multi-functional armrests.


Performance & Comfort. The TIMIX allows for sharper turning indoor and for better overcoming obstacles like tresholds when entering the local  grocery store. The user friendly TIMIX is adjustable to individual needs and allows for easy transfers to bed, bath, toilet, car etc...

Full suspension on all wheels• Stability axle ensuring contact of all four    wheels with the ground on uneven terrains  up to 90 mm • Fully      integrated motor release levers • Adjustable seat depth • In- and outwards  swing-away controller • Multi-functionally adjustable armrests, swing-  away and removable


Timix S.U. Stand Up

Easy access

The Timix S.U., also known as the Timix Stand Up, is an electronic stand-up wheelchair completely controllable from its controller. From a vertical stand-up position to a complete horizontal position in just one movement.


Better manoeuvring

The Navix allows for sharper turning indoor and for better overcoming obstacles like thresholds when 
entering the local grocery store. The user friendly Navix is adjustable to individual needs and allows for easy transfers to bed, bath, toilet, car etc.. The compact Navix fits in a small car for even more mobility.

• Better overcoming obstacles• Better taking sharp turns • Easy to reassemble • Total width for Navix limited to 570 mm • Ground clearance of 60 mm • Adjustable to your needs

The Navix is available in a front- and a rearwheel drive version.

Navix S.U. Stand Up

Added functionality

The Navix S.U., also known as the Navix Stand Up, is an electronic stand-up wheelchair similar to the standard Navix with with added functionality.


Forest 3

Total comfort

The Forest 3+ is a wheelchair that covers most of the features of a standard Forest 3 but specially designed for larger sizes. Complete with state of the art electronic controller and with a variety of options to adjust the wheelchair to your personal wishes. With a maximum users weight up to 250 kg.

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