Digital radiography, X-Ray, C-arm radiology

Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography is another form of X-Ray imaging, which uses digital X-Ray sensors instead of traditional photographic film. Since a digital image capture device is used here, the technicians can have an immediate image preview. This in turn saves time, eliminates the cost of film processing and also enhances the overall display quality of the image.

Ultisys System

Ultisys is a Digital Radiography System with best-in-class features and robust design that offers your patients the first choice for all radiographic examinations from skull, pelvis to extremities.

Radiologi, røntgen, digital røntgen

Unisys Radiography System

A versatile radiography system that offers a cost-effective set-up with a high degree of clinical flexibility.

Ultisys Digital Radiography System provides scalability with a wide range of generator options and easy upgrade path to a full digital radiography system.



Ultisys System consists of : A Celling Free tube stand sliding on flat rails, four-way floating Bucky table, and Vertical Bucky stand and high frequency generator with control console.

Our high frequency X-ray generator is compact in size and produces consistent output with negligible skin dose.
Intuitive Control Console offering “Anatomical Programming (APR)” and optional "Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)"
Ultisys has Ergonomic design offering a wide spectrum of clinical applications.


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