CuraTec Nordic is an innovative and technological company. We provide advanced technology solutions and services to monitor telemedicin and mobile health devices for hospitals, municipalities and regions in the Nordic Countries and Europe.

In addition CuraTec Nordic has focus on other areas such as equipment and daily supplies to hospitals, medical and dental clinics.


Our mission is to help people with chronic conditions such as diabetes, COPD, various disabilities and other physical limitations.

We do this with our knowledge, support and our broad product range. We help people and authorities to resolve the challenges the future holds in the health sectors.

- a truly Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring System.

CuraTec Nordic is the Exclusive distributor of the Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring system GlucoTrack®  in the Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

GlucoTrack®  is pain free, blood free, no lancets, no strips needed and no skin irritiations. Pain free glucose monitoring may help people being self-confident and motivated to lead to a healthier life.

Finally a truly Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring system.



EME products in the field of physiotherapy and the aesthetic area cover everything that the professional clinics may wish for.

Top quality and design by the best engineers and designers means that CuraTec Nordic has chosen to offer professional therapists in the Nordic countries the opportunity to offer the clinicians' customers optimal treatment no matter what area it includes.



Nebulizers is for use of liquid medicine to be atomized into fine particles which can then be inhaled directly into the lungs.

Inhaled nebulized medications have advantages over medications taken systemically, since the effect is faster. Dose is smaller and minimize the side effects and medication is more targeted.

Nebulizers is for use for both children and adults.

Read more about other personal care products on the web-site.

CuraTec Nordic is distributor in the Nordic countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland , Greenland and Faroe Islands of Schaper orthoses.

Schaper orthoses quarantees the best possible comfort ensures a greater level of safety during movement and therefore has a significant impact on the quality life.

CuraTec Nordic provide a full product range in gloves, sterile and non-sterile drapes gowns and dressings in all versions and for all procedures.

We cover a total range of hygiene and disinfections products.

All products are German quality and we deliver directly from our producer MaiMed Medical.

All our suppliers and producers are specific selected. CuraTec Nordic cooperate with European, American and Asian manufacturers.

CuraTec Nordic market and sell all our products in Scandinavia to public and private hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, veterinary and consumer market.

CuraTec Nordic never compromise on our values, ethical guidelines, product quality or business ethics.

On our website you can look at individual products and we are always available by telephone.

Welcome to CuraTec Nordic we are looking forward to serve you.


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