CuraTec Nordic is an innovative and technological company. We provide advanced technology solutions and services for hospitals, municipalities and regions in the Nordic Countries and the Baltic States.

In addition CuraTec Nordic has focus on other areas such as equipment and daily supplies to hospitals, medical and dental clinics.

Our mission is to help people with chronic conditions such as diabetes, COPD, various disabilities and other physical limitations and support hospitals with our products for treatments.

We do this with our knowledge, support and our broad product range. We help people and authorities to resolve the challenges the future holds in the health sectors.





We distribute our products in the nordic countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Greenland.

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Cosmetics & Fillers

Physiotherapy, physio, aesthetic products, curatec, curatec nordic, products for aesthetic and physio

Physiotherapy & Aesthetics

wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, eletroic wheelchairs,

Mobility products

Stretchers, hospital beds, clinics

Stretchers & Beds

Patient moving, SAMARIT moving,

SAMARIT Patient Moving

Electric Pill Grinder,

SEVERO Electric Pill Grinder

Radiology, C-arm radiology,

Radiology & Radiation Protection

Robots, Disinfection robots, Hospital disinfection robots,

Robots Technology

Hospitals beds, strethers,  therapy chairs, bed cabinets

Hospital Beds and Stretchers

Carbon wheelchair/wheelchairs carbon/

Carbon wheelchair

FreeRider Mobility Scooters


All our suppliers and producers are specific selected. CuraTec Nordic cooperate with European, American and Asian manufacturers.

CuraTec Nordic market and sell all our products in Scandinavia to public and private hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, veterinary and consumer market.

CuraTec Nordic never compromise on our values, ethical guidelines, product quality or business ethics.

Welcome to CuraTec Nordic we are looking forward to serve you.

In addition to being a supplier to the Health Care sector in Scandinavia, CuraTec Nordic also focuses on helping private people with an active and healthy lifestyle and thus preventing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, mobility and other complications.

We have selected products from our suppliers which deal with socks, baselayer and other equipment for use in active physical life such as walking, hiking, running, cycling, skiing just to name a few.

CuraTec Nordic is the importer in Scandinavian of these quality products and is therefore the products are not in the consumer or retail stores, but can be purchased directly from us.

Physical activity makes life healthier, more fun and longer life.

All products are top quality and include the world renowned brands

Nordica, Enertor, Ironman and BRBL and more products.

All products are designed for physical activity indoors and outdoors and last for many years.

Used by the best sports athletes and military personnel worldwide, which emphasizes quality.

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