Why do you go hiking, skiing or trail-running?

You do it for the experience. You do it to challenge yourself. You do it for
the sheer beauty of it. And you always do it out in nature.
Nature can be breathtaking, and it can be harsh.
That’s why you need a reliable partner and some bear powers.
BRBL bear-inspired design uses clever technology and carefully selected
fabrics to help you overcome any challenges and adapt to any conditions
you face.
No matter where you are, we’ve got your back… and your feet.



A big part of our R&D is … nature. Millions of years of evolution fine-tuned bear’s fur and paws to the wilderness. We mimicked and enhanced their qualities with a little help of technology and our knitting know-how.
Now you can experience bear comfort and durability without being a bear!
Adapt and conquer any conditions!
You may not be born ready, but you can be BRBL ready. Three levels of apparel make it easy to adapt to any conditions nature throws at you.

TOUCH  is the basic level for everyday wear, leisure, and light sports activities. It symbolizes bear’s comfort in the great outdoors.

ADAPT  is the intermediary level for tougher challenges and sports pursuits. It symbolizes bear’s natural capability to adapt to changing outdoor conditions

SHIELD is the advanced level for extreme outdoor challenges and ultimate sports performance. It symbolizes bear’s extraordinary protection against the most
demanding conditions.



Bear fur consists of two layers - a long protective one and a short insulating lone. Short hairs are so dense they trap air near bear’s skin and thus keep the bear warm. BRBL achieves the same effect with dense knitting that provides an exceptional technical barrier and keeps the warm air inside our socks and apparel.

Moisture Management

Bears need to dry quickly after a swim in a freezing river or a downpour on a cold day. How do they do it? They shake it off. It’s effective because most of the drops stay on the surface of their fur as it is not very absorbent. Our apparel is knitted in a way that transports moisture to the surface of it. Their special channel-like knitting makes sure the moisture slides off the sock. It practically shakes it off by itself!



During the summer, bears shed their dense winter fur. All that remains is the upper protective hair layer, which allows for plenty of air movement while still protecting bears from the sun. We achieve a similar effect with special mesh knitting. It allows vapor to escape, it allows your skin to breathe and it still offers a layer of protection.


Bears don’t get blisters even when tramping around bearfooted. That’s because their skin doesn’t wrinkle and move around like any old sock. We knitted some elastic areas into our socks. Their job is to make the sock stay in place. It should fit like a second skin, support muscles, and tendons and ensure you don’t get blisters. The result? Increased endurance and less grumbling.


Bears first step on their heels and then roll forward on their feet. As they are quite massive that wouldn’t be possible without great cushioning. We knitted a special channel construction that surrounds and protects your feet. Cushioning is exactly where it’s needed. It absorbs impacts and protects feet during hiking, running or skiing.





Trail Running



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