Our latest innovation, these CT radiation protection shields are composed of a proprietary mix of several lead-free elements, which help prevent cancer risks and radiation damage to the sensitive tissues of the breast, thyroid, and eyes.

All Kiran shields are disposable, one-time-use shields to prevent bacterial and biological contamination

The shields can be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner
Each shield coming out of our state-of-the-art radiation testing facility is rigorously examined for texture, thickness, and fault-free protection.

After years of research and innovation, we have established ourselves as radiation protection experts, exclusively designing apparel for intervention radiological and cardiological procedures, surgery, CT scans, and general radiology.


Radiation Protection Shields

Kiran's range of special-purpose and multi-purpose shields protects the sensitive parts of the human body. Protect yourself and your patients with radiation protection shields, drapes, and barriers designed with highly ergonomic safety features to block scattered radiation in standard and specialty diagnostic procedures.

Røntgen afskærmning, røntgen skjolde

CT Breast Shield

Committed to fulfilling all radiation protection needs, Kiran produces a range of radiation protection shields for localized protection during CT procedures.

Helps prevent breast cancer

Disposable, one-time-use shield to prevent bacterial and biological contamination
Various sizes available

CT Eye Protection Shield

Designed to protect the eye, which becomes especially sensitive to radiation after repeated CT procedures.70% protection to the complete eye.Perfect fit to prevent accidental exposure to radiation.Designed to mould to the eye's shape.One size fits all.

CT Pediatric Shield

It has been found that radiation doses equivalent to those received during CT scans lead to an increased incidence of cancer. Infants are ten times more susceptible to carcinogenesis caused by radiation exposure than adults. The Kiran Pediatric Shield is designed to protect infants and children from radiation doses emitted during CT scans, without any compromise to image quality.

CT Thyroid Shield

Designed to provide special protection to the sensitive thyroid gland.Offers thorough protection to the thyroid gland.Prevents tissue damage.One size fits all.

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