Beach-Chair device

Patient positioned safely on the operating table.
Shoulder Surgery (Humerus, Clavikula), Shoulder Arthroscopy, Struma, Maxillofacial procedures, Facial Surgery, Neurosurgery

Patient positioned safely on the operating table.

The BEACH-CHAIR+device was designed to help anaesthetists to carry out intubation. The patient is positioned comfortably and safety - and the staff, responsible for positioning the patient, will save time.

The BEACH-CHAIR+device was developed jointly with the practical experience of a specialist and Samarit Medical AG.

The device can also be used for operations while not in the beach chair position, for example:

Shoulder Surgery (Humerus, Clavikula), Shoulder Arthroscopy, Struma, Maxillofacial procedures, Facial Surgery, Neurosurgery
BEACH-CHAIR+ and it’s benefits.

Easier intubation in the supine or a improve carotid access beach chair position.
The patient can be anatomically positioned by changing the air pressure in the head or neck cushion.
It is non-conductive reducing the chance of cautery burns. The beach chair protects the spine.
It makes positioning easier and faster, saving time, up to 3x faster.
Reduces patient problems in the neck and throat area after surgery.

The problems of Beach Chair positioning are well-known - we now have the solution.

The problem for patients:
As soon as the patient has been anaesthetised, the muscles and the cervical vertebrae relax. The head rest leaves marks on the back of the head and there is a high risk of the back being burned through contact with the metal.

After a longer procedure, patients often complain of severe neck pain and headaches. This is often due to the patient being placed in an uncomfortable position with insufficient neck support.

The BEACH-CHAIR+ device prevents contact with metal, improves the patient’s position and prevents marks being left on the back of the head.
The BEACH-CHAIR+ device solves the familiar problems the operating theatre team is faced with when positioning the patient.
The BEACH-CHAIR+ device closes the gap between the operating table and the head rest and prevents unnecessary risks.
The BEACH-CHAIR+ device – An ingenious invention that can be employed in a number of ways, is easy to use, is safe for surgeons and anaesthetists and is comfortable for the patient.

Dimensions Beach Chair+
Size: 80 x 25 cm / 32 x 10 inch
(incl. 5 Sets consumables)


BC non-slip cushion

Primarily for safely positioning smaller patients on operating table
The combination of the Beach Chair device and the BC non-slip cushion prevents patients slipping out of the head rest.

In order to support safe beach chair positioning, Samarit Medical has not only included the Beach Chair device in its sales range but also the Beach Chair “non-slip cushion”.

The cushion was developed together with a specialist and successfully tested in practice. Experience in the test hospitals proves that the combination of the beach chair device and the non-slip cushion has proved itself, primarily for safely positioning smaller patients.

Patients are positioned about 12 - 15 cm higher and are more stable with the cushion. The cushion even prevents larger patients slipping downwards.

The combination of the beach chair device and the non-slip cushion prevents patients slipping out of the head rest.

The beach chair device system makes the work of the staff responsible for positioning easier and reduces the time required for this as it is always done in accordance with the same procedure.
The surgeon can rely on this structured positioning of the patient. If the arm is pulled sideways the patient slides on the beach chair device back into the previous position, i.e. no extension on the cervical column.

When the patient is lying down the cushion is placed near the pelvis, under the thigh. Because the cushion has a special shape the patient is moved into the sitting position on the cushion when the back is straightened and thus adapts to the movements of the operating table. The patient is prevented from slipping by the pelvis stop (at the top of the cushion) and the chock at the bottom of the cushion.

The thighs are supported up to the middle in the sitting position leaving the knee and thus the poplitea free. The viscoelastic foam (tempura) on the sitting area and the anatomically designed seat shape prevent pressure points on the buttocks (decubitus).

Everything else is done by the cushion when moving the OP cushion.

When the patient is put in a sitting position the pelvis is pushed onto the cushion.

The neck and head position on the BC rail remain secure and unchanged.

The same procedure is performed when the back is tipped backwards.

The advantages of using the BC non-slip cushion are as follows:

Small patients gain seat height
They slip out of the head rest less
The pelvis no longer slips downwards
There is less pressure on the hollows of the knees

Model "Small" for big patients

Size: H/W/D    7 x 55 x 30 cm
Size: H/W/D    3 x 22 x 12 inch
Mod.-No.: 420.2020

Model "Big" for little patients

Size: H/W/D    14 x 55 x 30 cm
Size: H/W/D    5.5 x 22 x 12 inch
Mod.-No.: 420.2040

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