Excellent Shower Systems enable bathing chairs and shower cubicles to function well together.

The system can adapt almost any shower cubicle and thereby facilitate access for both users and personal helpers. The installation can be carried out here and now and only takes a few hours. 

A long-term solution could be the removal of all obstacles when a complete renovation of the bathroom is undertaken. This is an expensive and usually time-consuming solution where users and personal helpers often face access problems while waiting for the renovations to be completed.

Deep shower cubides

When a shower has been designed as a "well" in the bathroom floor, it often causes accessibility problems, especially when the user needs to use items such as bathing chairs.

To avoid heavy and cumbersome lifting (often in a confined space) Excellent Systems tiles and ramps can be used to equalise the level difference between the shower "well" and the adjacent bathroom floor.

Excellent Systems tiles and ramps can be customised to fit precisely into the recesses of the shower. If several layers are required to "fill up" the shower these layers are laid as loose "mats" on top of each other. This is done to facilitate the cleaning of the shower.

If the depth of the shower does not perfectly fit with the combined level of the tile layers, the top layer can be easily adjusted with Excellent ramps.

Method for raising of the bottom level of the shower
Since shower niches do not have any particular default depth and size, it is difficult to describe a standard solution.

As it is difficult to attach a small ramp to the bottom of a shower, a layer of tiles is used, ending with a ramp adjusted to the height of the floor.

When there is a need for multiple layers of tiles, you can choose whether to adjust upwards or downwards in the shower.

Shower cubides with raised edges

It is expensive and time consuming to remove obstacles in a bathroom. 

The Excellent Shower system can be installed quickly (a few hours) and is an economically viable solution.



The ramps can be built up to the edge of the shower without having to remove the obstacles. The ramps and tiles are easy to remove and can be re-used when and if you move to a new home.

With the Excellent ramp system is not necessary to drill holes in your bathroom tiles, our specially developed fastening methods are completely harmless to your bathroom.

Building a ramp up to the shower the edge and also filling up the shower cubicle floor, ensures easy access while avoiding cumbersome and heavy lifting.
In order to provide optimal access, the ramp can be upgraded with a corner solution (space permitting). Excellent Systems tiles and ramps can be adapted exactly to any shower without modifying the existing design.

The shower cubicle is filled up and a ramp is used to gain access.


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