Balcony & Terrace

A balcony or terrace is a great place on beautiful summer days and evenings. For most people, these areas become an extra room over the summer season. However, for a wheelchair user, it may be difficult if not impossible, to access a balcony or terrace. 

Most balconies and terraces are designed in such a way that the floor level is lower than the floor level of the building interior. This is, of course, to ensure the interior of the building against water from outside.

Under normal circumstances, a ramp can give a wheelchair user easy access to the balcony or terrace. But what happens when the balcony is small and narrow? Situations where a ramp would take up too much space? In these types of situations, the optimal solution is to actually "raise" the whole level of the balcony. The Excellent Six-Pack tile is a low weight, low priced and incredibly strong product which is perfectly suited to this type of application. With Excellent Six-Pack tiles, water from rain, snow, etc. can easily drain through the tile elements to the underlying floor, and at the same time provide a stable and usable floor.

A ramp is not always the best solution - especially when space is limited.

If the floor level is increased, the user will have optimal access to the balcony. Excellent tiles and Six-Pack tiles drain water from the balcony surface and weigh only a fraction of alternative solutions such as concrete tiles.


Raising of balcony floor.

Excellent Six-Pack infill and Excellent Six-Pack.

The wheelchair user could not access his balcony, due to the very high interior floor level. A ramp solution was not suitable as the limited space available would require a ramp with too steep a gradient.

Raising the floor level of a terrace or balcony is the ideal choice when it comes to accessibility. Unfortuneately, traditional solutions, such as concrete, masonry or wood, are expensive and are can be too heavy for the original balcony structure to bear. A ramp solution can,  on the other hand, take up too much space, and render the balcony unusable.

Here is an example of raising the floor level of a balcony with Excellent Six-Packs. This solution combines low weight, excellent storm water drainage and optimal stability.

The finished result. Grey Excellent Six-Pack tiles are placed on top of the Excellent Six-Pack infill elements. At the balcony door a small corner ramp is used so that the balcony floor level does not interfere with the door frame.

The user now has an extra 20 square meters of useable space, not to mention the added pleasure of being able to sit on his balcony in summer.

A solution using other materials is not always possible due to requirements for weight, water drainage and stability.

Ramps for terrace doors.

Ramps at patio doors can often cause problems, especially if the door is a sliding or raise/lower type. Traditional ramps cause problems resulting in doors that cannot be closed when the ramp is in position.

The Excellent ramp system makes these solutions possible. The unique modular system allows you to offset ramps in relation to each other without obstructing the door from opening or closing.


The ramps are built up level with the "middle-rail" in the door. The design allows the door to slide into place without the ramp being removed. 

A wheelchair or walker's wheels rest on the top of the ramps and the middle-rail which supports the wheels as they traverse the ramp.

An easy and practical solution where it is unnecessary to move the ramp in order to open and close the door.

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