Aws Med (Medical Acoustic Wave)

Aws Med is the acoustic wave technology for medical aestetic treatments with Medical Certification.

Aws Med features many therapeutical protocols for men and women, specific for different beauty applications, like cellulite, water retention, stretch marks, localised adiposity and also 32 physiotherapy protocols.

Acoustic wave equipment of EME ESTETICA features the Soft Rebound System, an anti-shock system that eliminates the shock-wave vibrations received by the operator.

Aws Med differs from Aws Med Compact for the following features:

Elegant case EME ESTETICA,
Maximum power: 5 Bar,
Frequency: 1 – 20 Hz,
10.4” colour touch-screen display.

The treatment with Aws Med provides visible results already from the first session. The equipment can be used mainly on the body for treating cellulite and localised adiposity.

The acoustic wave massage performed on buttocks, legs and thighs reactivate local circulation, stimulates cell activity and the production of new collagen and elastin. 

Tissues become more compact and toned, stretch marks decrease. Acoustic waves highly stimulate blood flow and lymphatic flow, they eliminate toxins, water retention and activate lipolytic processes.

Few sessions with Aws Med can treat and improve conditions like:

Cellulite up to stage III,
Water retention
Skin laxity
Stretch marks
Localised adiposity

Aws Med treatments can be applied at any period of the year.

How does it work?

The acoustic wave technology is an innovation in the beauty sector that allows to deliver tapping massages with a gun-shaped applicator. In the barrel of the applicator a steel gun is shot continuously against an internal metal lid.

The continuous hitting of the shot against the metal lid generates a vibration that is conveyed to the skin during the treatment.

Acoustic waves spread by contact of the applicator with the skin; they activate and stimulate numerous beneficial processes in the human body. 


The software shows on a wide display the shots delivered during the treatment. You can regulate pressure and frequency of the acoustic wave.

 You can regulate pressure and frequency of the acoustic wave. To increase the sliding of the applicator on the body it is necessary to use the gel supplied with the equipment; it will make the treatment easier for the operator and it will provide a fresh sensation to the patient.

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