Scooters 4 Wheels 

Ceres 4 De-Luxe.

Compact luxury 4 wheel comfort

Similar to his predecessor, the Ceres 4 Deluxe offers comfort and elegant driving. A totally redesigned steering column with  delta steering enhances the driving experience. The controller is equipped with big, clear and readable control buttons.

Comes complete with: • Mirror • Left and right indicators • Electronically programmable • Adjustable seat and headrest • Shopping basket • Inflatable tires • Bumper • Anti-skidding floor board

Ceres S.E Special Edition


The Ceres S.E. (Special Edition) combines design and quality. A simple manual controller with big and visible icons improve your driving experience. The indicators and front and rear lights are in LED version giving you enough brightness when it's dark. Additionally a front bumper adds to your safety. The Ceres S.E. is available in a 10 km/h and a 15 km/h version.



The Eris scooter is your in- and outdoor scooter for short distances to the shop, friends or family. Complete with indicators and lighting in LED version. The shopping tray can be taken off so you can carry it with you when purchasing small items at your local grocery store. The Eris scooter is available as a 6 km/h and a 10km/h version.

Carpo 4

Classy 4 wheeler

The Carpo 4 limited edition is a powerful outdoor 4-wheel scooter equipped with a bright LCD screen with various indicators. Electronic programmable and a reliable partner for your outdoor trips. It's brown colour gives it a distinct look that makes it stand out above all the others.

Comes complete with: • Double mirrors • Electronic display • Left and right indicators and lighting • Electronically programmable • Adjustable swivel seat and headrest • Extra strong shopping basket • Inflatable tires• Bumper • Anti-skidding floor board

Cargo 2 S.E.

Special Edition

The Carpo 2 S.E. (Special Edition) is a complete renewed and freshly redesigned 4-wheelscooter for daily usage. Sporty black rims, double mirrors, adjustable headrest and a fully integrated electronic display and USB port to charge any devices you might carry along.

Mercurius 4 LTD


A stylish en fully functional 4-wheelscooter that make people turn their heads when passing by. Sportive rims, modern shopping basket, two rearview mirrors, fully adjustable and turning seat with a comfortable headrest en adjustable armrests. LED lights at the back and front and indicators adding to maximum safety during the darker moments of the day. Additionally equipped with two 2 USB connectors, charging your devices in no time.